If you are viewing this, then let me be the first (and only one) to welcome you to my website! This is where you can best keep up with all things musical in my life. Whether it be something that I'm writing, a cool music theory related topic I feel like talking about, whatever band projects I'm involved with at the time, or maybe even just some fun music-style things I find interesting, I'll be talking about it here. You can also listen to and purchase all of my music right here on my website. Browse around, shoot me an email, tell me what you like or don't like, or even just say hi! I'm usually pretty good about responding to emails, so just head over to the contact page and send me a message. Or a massage. That would be nice too. For now, take a look around! Stop by any time! The door is always open.

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Side note: I couldn't have built this website without the help of some very talented friends. All photographs on this website were taken by Jenna Adams, and my logo design was created by Lindsey Hall. They're both super talented, and you should go check out their work. (Click on their names to go see more of their stuff. Seriously, they're amazing.)